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Who is Soy Consultant

Soy Consultant is founded by Ing. Peter Strijk. We want to stimulate legumes in Europe and the rest of the world. Our focus is on soybeans and especially on edamame. We think there is a great opportunity for this plant, because it is a legume and it can create their own nitrogen production by taken it from the air. We can help other companies and non profit organisations around the world to assist in your soy and edamame business. We have many years of experience in our team and have a big network on the subject. Let our team help you to the future!

Soy Consultant focuses on knowledge ,promotion and marketing of soy with an expert degree on edamame in the world.

Soy Consultant wants to be the research institute for soy and Edamame cultivation in the Netherlands and the rest of the world through thorough research. Soy Consultant wants to market soy and Edamame as locally as possible. We want to help organizations, companies and schools to achieve the best results of the possibilities offered soy and Edamame.

Soy Consultant helps you to get the best results with the cultivation of soy and edamame in Europe and other parts of the world.

Cultivation of edamame
Soy Consultant gives you advice on cultivation of edamame in Europe and beyond. Our many years of experience will help you to get the highest potential of your edamame.

Trials of edamame
Soy Consultant keeps a high level of knowhow on edamame because of all trials we do on a wide range of subjects on edamame. We research several methods of cultivation on a large number of variaties. Our studies also includes ways of transportation and how to store edamame. Soy Consultant co-operates with farmers, several other companies and universaties in Europe and other parts of the world.

Seed sales
Soy Consultant has a divers portfolio on edamame varieties, for different locations and conditions. All the varieties we sell have proven themselves in trials in the Netherlands and Europe. The criteria we use to select these varieties are; yield, maturaty, lodging, size, taste and resistance for diseases.

Rhizobia sales
Rhizobia is a key factor to optimize the yield and in our trials we do research on which rhizobia works the best for your needs. Soy Consultant can provide you with the best rhizobia so you will have the best change on a good harvest.

Market your edamame
We use our experience and our large network to help you market your edamame and/or mukimame.

Consultancy on edamame
Hire Soy Consultant expertise to help you set up your edamame business. A large group companies already make use of our knowledge. Soy Consultant also can be a great help to your business. Please contact us for more information.

Setting up study groups
Soy Consultant helped many groups of farmers and/or students to set up study groups. We help you learn from and with eachother to get more out the edamame business.

Finding new products on edamame
We as Soy Consultant think we are just at the beginning of this green delicious bean. And that there will come more and more possibilities to use the bean for several food solutions. If you want to start a journey to a new product, contact us and we would be thrilled to work together on this new product.

Make use of our network
Last but not least, we can help you find the right people and companies that will fit your needs on edamame. We have a world wide network on edamame build in the last few years and we would be happy to accommodate you.

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